In Memory of William Witcher Jr.

William Witcher, Jr., or Earl as he was affectionately known by his friends and family was the co-founder of AIM Services. To us here at AIM, Earl was much more than a partner, coworker, or boss. He was a friend who was always willing to listen, offer advice, or at the very least, make you laugh. You knew that if Earl was around you were going to have a good time, even if that involved a joke or two at your expense. He had a “larger than life” presence, not only in his personality but also in his 6’7” stature. He loved sports, especially the Washington Redskins and University of Virginia Cavaliers.

Earl passed away in May 2013 but he will always be missed by his friends and family and us here at AIM. To us, he will live on through funny stories and memories of a very good friend.